Kinship Firstyears’ Camp

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About Kinship

Kinship was first established in 2009 under the management of Rev. Sigh Melaletsa.

The reason it was established was because a lot of first year students that came to the church were struggling with finding accommodation, finding their way around campus and  most of all finding a church to worship.

Kinship comes from “next of kin” which means family. We are a family and have the values of LOVE and RESPECT for one another.

The camp is here to offer spiritual support and help to build a relationship with God in order to grow His Kingdom. We also emphasise on building personal relationships in order to know one another better and learn more about different cultures and backgrounds.


The camp will take place in January 2014

Venue: Retiefkamp

Date: 12-16 January 2014

Price: R670.00 p/p

For more information or translation you can call:

Chairperson: Charlotte Moshata  071 012 1204